Royal Como Foyer
Partial eclipse
Surface Activation
Untitled (Depth is as good as range). 2014. Oil, acrylic, gesso, gouache, enamel and sanded back sections on wall. Dimensions variable.
Untitled (Entry/Exit). 2014. Oil, acrylic, gesso and gouache on wall. Dimensions variable. Untitled. 2014. Oil on linen. 45 x 35cm.
Surface event #1. 2014. Oil, acrylic, gesso, gouache and painted timber panels on wall. Dimensions variable
Untitled (17). 2012. Oil on canvas. 200 x 150cm.
Untitled (11). 2011. Oil on canvas. 134 x 150cm. Private collection.
'Triangle' Craft Victoria installation view, 2010.
Origami #1. 2007. Oil on canvas. 122 x 90cm.