Parts of the Lexicon, catalogue essay, Andrea Eckersley in conversation with Meredith Turnbull.

The event of painting, Andrea Eckersley, Phd Thesis.

The artist as transcendental empiricist, by Andrea Eckersley (Susan Jacobs and Elizabeth Zvonar for unmagazine 10.1). See also special online content Wizard rolling.

The Event of Painting, Andrea Eckersley, book chapter in Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Visual Art
edited by Ian Buchanan, Lorna Collins, 2014, Bloomsbury Academic: London.

Surface Event. catalogue essay by Cameron Duff and Andrea Eckersley.

Colour Relations. catalogue essay by Andrea Eckersley.

There are Two Planes. catalogue essay by Cameron Duff. 

Intensive Extensions. catalogue essay by Andrea Eckersley (for Anna Varendorff at Craft).

Imagining Chanel. article by Andrea Eckersley (Adele Varcoe at MUMA review for the Conversation).