AA side for Blindside B-Side / by Andrea Eckersley

Featuring collaborative work between myself and Steven Rendall.

This work is an alternative take on the b-side concept where we are each others b-side and a-side

AA side , 2018, collaboration with Stephen Rendall. Fabric and acrylic paint on plastic.

AA side, 2018, collaboration with Stephen Rendall. Fabric and acrylic paint on plastic.

B-SIDE is a crucial fundraising opportunity for one of Melbourne’s longest-running artist-run spaces to raise essential funds to support BLINDSIDE’s continued existence in our Nicholas Building home, and operational costs of the organisation. Your support will enable BLINDSIDE to develop pivotal exhibitions, facilitate critical and engaging public programs, and further support the artists, writers and curators in our program.

By making a donation through purchasing artwork, raffle tickets, beer and wine, all funds raised will go directly to supporting BLINDSIDE’s sustainability into the future.

Preview the catalogue HERE. Purchasing of works will be available in the gallery from 6pm Thursday 1 November.


BLINDSIDE gratefully acknowledges our generous supporters as well as a passionate group of participating artists. 

Aaron Billings and Ruby Hoppen
Andrea Eckersley and Steven Rendall
Camilla Gough and Martina Copley
Charles O’Loughlin and Amy May Stuart
Claire Mooney and Cherry Montgomery
Clare Rae and Sean M Whelan
David Thomas and Andrew Tetzlaff
Diego Ramirez and Alexandra Nemaric
Eleanor Louise Butt and Antonia Sellbach
Gabriel Tongue Nilsen and Benjamin Sexton           
Jan Murray and Sean Lowry
Josephine Mead and Olga Bennett
Kate Rohde and Jacqui Stockdale
Kawita Vatanajyankur and Lucie McIntosh
Kiah Pullens and Ross Coulter
Kiron Robinson and Grace Wood
Lucie McIntosh and Sean Miles
Madeleine Thornton Smith and James Murnane
Raafat Ishak and Tom Ames
Tai Snaith and Evie Cahir
Timothy Herbert, Shelley Lasica and Bridie Lunney
Tori Lill and Kenneth L Suico
Xanthe Dobbie and Brigid Hansen